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We also work with litho wraps, specialty papers, imitation leather, vinyl, plastic, metal and wood. Read more.

Su Mano services include: Custom Binders, Menus, Boxes, Hand Work, Re-Work, Re-Label, Re-Pack, Assembly and Shipping!

Full Spectrum of Handwork, Packing and Fed Ex / UPS Shipping Services

Su Mano offers a full spectrum of Handwork, Packing and Fed Ex/UPS Shipping services as well as the manufacturing of Custom Binders, Boxes, CD/DVD sleeves and more.

Detail of Services

Handwork Packing
Fulfillment Collating
Order Fulfillment Custom Binders, Boxes and sleeves
Drilling Stapling
Taping Shipping Fed Ex & UPS
Shipping Kitting
Shrink wrapping Gluing (hot, cold & removable)
Complete Re Work services for manufacturers and importers: re label, re pack, count & bag, shrink wrap, poly bag, glue, fill and assemble. We work with toys, electronics, small parts, non perishables, medical kits, clothes and more!

Decorating Services

Foil Stamping Embossing
Stamping Silk Screen
Sewing Eyelets and grommets
We work with : Customer provided litho wraps (printed sheets), Specialty papers, Imitation leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Metal and Wood.