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We also work with litho wraps, specialty papers, imitation leather, vinyl, plastic, metal and wood. Read more.

Complete Fulfillment Services, Display Assembly, Re-Work, Re-Label & Re-Pack

Su Mano offers complete order fulfillment servicesSu Mano was founded in 1995 to fill a niche as a “boutique” packing, shipping and fulfillment company. We work well with small to mid size companies which otherwise may get overlooked by the “big” fulfillment houses.

We are a service oriented company and always willing to adapt and conform to our clients needs.

Over the years we have worked on fulfillment and packing programs for: The Gap clothing stores, MCA Universal Home Video, The WB Network, St. Ives hair care products and many others. We have also provided handwork, light bindery and pack-out services for many print companies throughout the Los Angeles area.

Visit our online gallery for examples of the highest quality custom binders, menus and turned-edge packaging.

corrugated point of purchase displays bundel wrap, club pack, shrink wrap, poly bag
Example of Assembly Division work: Corrugated Point Of Purchase Displays. Example of Light Industrial Division work: Bundle Wrap, Club Pack, Shrink Wrap, Poly Bag.